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Darren Owen

Darren started out working in factories and was promoted to shift leader at the age of 18, after being selected from 30 applicants for the job. During this time Darren was introduced to Kaizen, a Japanese word that means Good Change, or Improvement, but is used as continuous improvement, making small changes to a business to create a culture of change and improvements.

From the factories, Darren sought out a career in IT, initially teaching himself about computer hardware, and then progressing to  Data Analysis and Software development.  Darren was then offered a role in a small software company where he was given an opportunity to learn about business analysis and consultations, he was asked to visit multiple customers and find improvements to their business processes. 

At this point, Darren was speaking to the owner who asked him to acquire the business and take over operations. This was a massive opportunity however it was missed, Darren hesitated and the next time the owner came to the office he had sold the business for £1 to a new owner.  

This missed opportunity gave Darren the urge to learn more about business acquisitions, at the time he did not know where to start so investigated property investment because there were synergies between the two investment processes. 

Darren has since been working to hone his skills taking numerous courses to educate himself on the finer points of acquisitions, reading both best practices and issues with the current processes.

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