Who We Are

Mobius Capital was formed in 2022 with the goal of creating a group of independent staff owned businesses, who will work collaborately to find opportunities for growth and efficiencies in both shared services and purchasing power.

Creating a collaborative environment for the businesses to grow but also compete with larger organisations who have the ability to reduce costs through the purchasing power of scale.

We also promote each of the businesses to become a beacon of good business by promoting the ideals of the Good Business Charter

We work with business owners to prepare their business for us to tranisiton to staff ownership, with us taking a 26% share of the business ourselves to ensure that the business continues to grow and can thrive for generations after the current owner has exited.

It is our aim to create a level playing field for businesses within the group to compete at all levels, against larger businesses who are able to command lower prices, but at the cost of the local ecconomies.


What We Do

We create better businesses by creating a community of businesses that work collaborately together and work to meet the goals set out by the Good Business Charter.


Our Approach

Our approach is to transition businesses into employee ownership with the business being majority owned by a trust where the beneficiary members are the employees. We will also network the businesses together whilst retaining their indepenance. Find out more here


Our Mission

To show that businesses can be a power for good when they take responsibility for their decisions and make all decisions based upon the long term benefit of all stakeholders. Creating businesses that will be able to pass through many generations of staff and last for 100s of years. 

Our Story

Mobius Capital, although started only started in 2022, the idea has been growing over decades.   Back in 2000 The founder Darren Owen worked for a large multinational business which employed him to move from Oxfordshire to a town called Peterlee, where it had set up operations due to a preferential tax scheme set up by the local authority to attract jobs into a deprived part of the North East of England.

The initial idea had been to hire local people and to create work and prospects for the young people in the area, however, those of working age did not have the required skills so they hired from around the country to move to the area.

The area had a massive influx of skilled workers, increasing the value of property in the area, and making those with property feel richer, the local schools started educating the pupils in the skills required. Everything was as planned.

However, as soon as the preferential tax status run out, so did the large companies, off to the next area that wanted to see a boost to their area.  The impact of this was an exodus of skilled workers from the area, dropping the value of the property, those pupils educated in the new skills had no jobs to go to so they either left as well or were left underutilised.

Those who had taken advantage of the property increase to remortgage their property found themselves in negative equity.

This was the start of forming the ideas behind Mobius Capital

Good Business Charter

We applied to become members of the Good business charter after reading about their 10 componants which matched a lot of our own plans for the type of businesses we wanted to create.

It also works towards our goal of creating generational businesses, that will last at least 100 years, to do this businesses must consider the impact that they have on the stakeholders, the local economy and also the environment. To do this decisions need to be taken with the long term in mind rather than short term thinking about what will make immediate profit.

Our Team

Mobius Capital works with professionals in a number of different fields, including provision of legal and accountancy practices with the specific expertise of Employee Ownership. As the group expands Mobius Capital will work with more and more experts who are able to bring to the group experience or help in relation to specific industries or efficencies.

Our internal team is currently made from experts in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions and Management Accountancy

If you would like to arrange a call to discuss joining our team of experts, please click here

Darren Owen

Darren Owen


With over 20 years experience working in IT services, Darren was exposed to many different industries and sectors from Public Services, to manufacturing, logistics to energy, giving Darren a good basis when he decided to spread into business management. Being involved in numerous businesses since leaving IT, Darren started his journey into the world of Mergers and Accquisitions. 

Helene Sewell

Helene Sewell

Finance Director

With a Master in Business Studies with a specialization in finance and accounting, I began my career as an accountant in industry. Over the years, I honed my skills and expertise, eventually securing two finance director roles in international market-leading companies.

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We are based in Sheffield but cover the whole of Great Britian

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