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What We Do

We help business owners who are looking to exit their business, prepare it for sale to an Employee Owned Trust, helping them to sell their business in the most tax efficient method available.


Our Approach

Our approach is to create better businesses, following the 10 components of Good Business Charter and creating a culture of collaboration within each business that joins us whilst creating a culture of collaboration and equitable growth.


Our Mission

To create a group of independent staff owned businesses that work collaboratively to become better businesses for all, the staff, the customers, the suppliers, the local community and the greater community world wide.

Getting Started

Are you a business owner who is considering selling your business? 

Have you tried to sell your business through listing it and tired of tire kickers?

Does your business have at least 10 members of staff?

Would you like to get to know more about our process and how you can move your business to the next level? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy businesses?

Yes, we will buy any business that is viable and has 10 or more employees. We acquire businesses with the staff, using employee owned trusts meaning the staff will benefit from the majority of the business.  

Mobius Capital will take a minor shareholding within the business and support the business with other employee owned businesses within the group to create a collaborative environment for the business to grow and thrive. 

Do you sell businesses?

No, businesses that we acquire are majority owned by the employee owned trust meaning that we are unable and unwilling to sell the business.

We assist the business by using our group to support the business and put into place a 100-year business plan to assist the business to continue growing into the future.

What is an Employee Owned Trust (EOT)?

An Employee Owned Trust is a legal entity where the employees are registered as the beneficiary members, the trust will acquire shares in the business and control is given to the staff on how the business is run. Profits are distributed to the shareholders as normal, with the trust distributing them as agreed to the staff.

The management team will answer to the shareholders like all other businesses, with the trust being represented on the board of directors and staff council members being promoted to board members to oversee operations.

What are the benefits of an EOT sale?

Most businesses advertised for sale do not achieve a sales event, those that do, within 3 years the previous owner regrets the sale.

This can happen for a number of reasons, the previous owner does not achieve the total asking price due to aggressive warranties on the sale, the business is sold to a competitor that the seller did want, or the staff that the owner wanted to protect leave the company, either by choice or forced out by the new management team.

When selling to the EOT, the money paid by the trust for the sale is tax-free meaning that the owner gets to keep more of the funds agreed, and the sale is protected by a loan back rather than deferred consideration, the staff make decisions on staffing levels and therefore people are more likely to be retained and the business cannot be sold without the EOT voting for it.

We are uniquely placed to protect your legacy into the future.

What is reverse retirement?

Retirement has traditionally been a set date based on your birthday when you will suddenly stop working and spend the rest of your days doing hobbies.

For business owners this sudden stop rarely keeps them happy, they tend to unretire, and then come in and out of retirement over time. The impact on the business is also higher when the owner’s knowledge and experience are lost from the business.

At Mobius, we help business owners to step down from their positions, taking on a more mentoring role for the new management team, reducing their responsibilities whilst preparing the team to take over.

Our reverse retirement process is also implemented with staff within the business allowing them to slowly decrease their workload and increase their free time, giving staff flexibility in retirement, whilst retaining knowledge and experience in the team.

Accredited Good Business Charter Member

We are pleased to announce that Mobius Capital has achieved accredited membership to the Good Business Charter, and as such we aim to promote the charter to each of the businesses that join Mobius Capital in the future.

To find out more about our pledges please see below


Group Collaboration

Join us as part of our group of businesses that work together to create cost and efficency savings by sharing buying power.

As a SME, you may not be able to achieve the best possible prices from suppliers as your larger competitors, by joining forces with us, your business can achieve better buying power and support from our group of businesses.

To join you must pledge to work with us collaboratively, and also work towards our mission of employee ownership

Reverse Retirement

As a business owner matures with age, they want to protect their achievements but also look to take on less and less responsibility for the business, creating a plan where the owners can step back from the day to day operations. 

The idea of retirement for some people would be akin to purgatory, but the idea of having to lead the company forward until their last day is just as bad.

Joining Mobius Capital to grow the business whilst also reducing their own workload can create a happy medium between direct retirement and still being productive and utilising their skills and knowledge 

Employee Owned Trusts

At Mobius Capital we plan to empower employees by creating Employee Owned Trusts (EOT) to take over the majority share ownership of the business.

By creating an EOT the owner of the company is passing the business over to the staff to manage, empowering the staff, and creating a legacy for their business to thrive moving forward.

By partnering with Mobius Capital we can guard against some of the negatives of EOTs, for example where the average age of the staff increases so does their own appetite to risk, causing some EOTs to stagnate, by having Mobius as a partner we can help the EOT to remain dynamic.

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