Reverse Retirement

Creating an option for owners to plan their retirement out of their business whilst also protecting the business to ensure that the business will not lose the experience and knowledge of the owner. By transitioning the owner into a mentoring role for the new leadership team we can ensure that the owner builds value in their business.


Exit Planning

Finding options for business owners to exit their business in a way that works for all stakeholders. Although our primary focus is on transitioning businesses to employee ownership, sometimes businesses do not suit this model in which case we will work with the owners to find a suitable alternative.


Group Collaboration

Becoming part of Mobius Capital group, you can gain access to efficency savings and group buying power. We are also looking at created shared services to help take away the burden from the business so that it can concentrate on its core work.


Employee Owned Trusts

As part of our acquisition goal, we are also able to assist businesses in the preparation of their business towards creating an Employee Owned Trust. Helping to train the staff on how to take responsibility for the business and creating the correct support structures and the support council.

Business Acquisitions

Mobius Capital plan to build a group of independent staff owned businesses, however as part of this group we plan to take a 26% stake in each business ensuring that we can help drive the bsuienss forward and protect the business from some of the negatives of employee ownership.

Business Growth

Helping businesses to grow by utilising our network of experts and potential cost savings, allows businesses to make longer term strategic partnership with Mobius Capital.  This will mean gaining benefits of the group without needing to sell the busienss to us.  

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