Pay Fair Tax

£36 billion

Estimated tax gap arising from companies not paying their fair share of tax.


of the public trust businesses ‘a great deal’ when it comes to paying tax.

Tax Avoidance

The biggest concern raised by the public in research carried out by the Institute of Business Ethics.


of people would rather shop with a business that can prove they are paying their fair share of tax


of people would rather work for a business that can prove they are paying their fair share of tax

The GBC requires businesses to commit to paying their taxes, not engage in tax avoidance and commit to being transparent in their relationship with HMRC. We define tax avoidance as a deliberate attempt to get out of an obligation to pay tax, by entering into a set of artificial arrangements which have little or no commercial purpose other than the reduction of a tax bill.


About Mobius Capital

Mobius Capital is creating a group of independent employee owned businesses that work collaboratively to build better businesses. By helping owners transition the business to an employee owned trust, we assist the owner to reduce their Capital Gains Tax liability.  However it is our intention to ensure that each business in our group pay the correct level of taxation.

Paying Fair Tax

Taxes come in different forms at the time of writing the average UK company will have the following tax liabilities

Corporation Tax – Tax on the profits of the business

VAT – Valid Added Tax, which is added to products and services being sold

Employment Taxes – Employing staff incures income tax and National Insurance payments for the staff, which need to be managed by the business but also Employeers National Insurance Payments

It is the responsibility of the business directors to also minimise the tax paid by the business and maximise the value to the shareholders, this usually entails finding loopholes in the current tax codes for each terittory.

Each busienss has to make a decision to which level this reduction takes, being agressive in this area, can lead to massive reductions in tax, a conservative approach will mean more tax and less profits for the business.  To be clear this practice is not illegal, however in some circumstances the more agressive methods can be found later to have broken the law and cause an impact to the business where additional tax needs to be paid years after the fact.

It is the intention of Mobius Capital to direct each business within the group to follow a conservative approach to tax reduction practices. 

Why Pay Taxes

Taxes are taken by Governments to pay for things like health care, education and social society safety nets for the community.  When Businesses don’t make a fair contributiuon to the tax bill, then the burden has to fall upon other members of society.

When a company avoids paying taxes and then also relies on the services of governmental departments like social services providing staff with top up payments so that they can feed their family it creates a culture of corporate socialism where businesses are able to extract value from society for the benefit of their shareholders, and to the detriment of society.

Creating a fairer social contract between business and society is an important part of the Mobius Capital way.

Mini Umbrella Companies

A company can avoid tax liability by setting up temporary MUCs (Mini Umbrella Companies)  to employee staff, taking advantage of tax breaks for smaller businesses whilst actually operating as a larger organisation. 

MUCs are also used to minimise VAT payments by keeping the business below the threashold of VAT payments allowing the business to avoid payments to the government.

This practice allows businesses to minimise their tax costs, which impact the society as a whole.

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