The 100 Year Business Plan

Mobius Capital works with businesses to create a multi-generational business, this requires businesses to think differently. Instead of making decisions based upon the next 3 to 5 years, decisions need to be considered much further into the future.

When a business is looking at buying new equiptment, is that equiptment environmentatlly friendly, what are the long term considerations of the purchase, for example how will the equiptment be recycled when it becomes end of life.

Decisions to systemise or automate the business should not be performed purely with the intention to reduce staffing levels as the only consideration when making changes. Instead the business should consider how the staff should be redeployed.

By creating the culture of long-termism and collaboration we believe that we are able to help the company to grow and transform to meet the ever-changing needs of its stakeholders.

In doing so we plan to also keep the commitments made as part of the Good Business Charter ensuring our postion as a trusted group of companies that work to create a better future for all.

Financial Stability

One of the main pretents of a long term business is the financial stability of the business. no one is able to predict the future and as such any external issues could cause issues with the business. It is therefore imperative to create a financial buffer zone.  

The Financial cycles will affect businesses in different ways, for some during a financial downturn the business will struggle to bring in new business and may see revenues shrink with the local, or national ecconomy. For other businesses they will thrive during this downturn as people reduce spending in some areas but maintain or increase spending in others. 

In previous cycles during an increase in revenues or profits the business owners may have extracted more funds from the business. then during the next downturn the business will not have the available funds to weather the storm. 

Our basic rule for this would be that the business should build then maintain a 6 months operating costs buffer within the business, and that when the business makes a profit at least 20% of the profits should be retained within the business ensuring that the fund is able to maintained. 

When the fund is above the 20% minimum, funds should be used to invest back into the business, investing in new services and growth plans.

Succession Planning

For businesses to last 100 years, consideration needs to be made to how all staff will be replaced. It is therefore important to ensure that staff skills, and experience is maintained.

However, further consideration should also be made about the potential new skills needed to learn new things for the buisness. Creating a culture of continual learning for all members of staff will help ensure that the business can remain relevant in the changing environment.

At least every 10 years a major review of the business itself should take place including;

  • The current set of skills possessed by All staff members, in any area, not restricted to the current operations.
  • The Current business operations, including services and products that are created.
  • The current customer base, including what services and products that they consume at the moment, plus any other needs that they have in the future.
  • The current available equipment and machinery, what can be produced by utilising it differently.

By using this information we are able to poduce a list of potential changes to the business including new products and services we may implement moving forward.

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