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Business valuations is a complex process and can depend on so many factors. For the majority of businesses even the reason for the valuation can affect the value of the business.  For example, imagine you have a business that is making profit, but the owner passes away, the valuation will greatly reduce because of the urgency of the sale and the increased risk to the new owner.

There are numerous methods used to value a business from which has been discussed in this post Selling your business – Valuations, however we now have a service where we can help you to understand a high-level valuation of your business.

Business Valuation Questionnaire

We have compiled a questionnaire to help us quickly assign a valuation for a business based upon the following areas:



Your business valuation is based upon the numbers within the business, we will ask you about your profitability, a more detailed analysis of your busienss would require a deep dive into your financial situation and the security of your profit.


Do you have a management team, how well are they equiped to take over the business?  Do they rely on you for guidence or leadership? The team that you build will decide the valuation of your business. If your team is not able to run the business without you, how could someone else?


Having people who are able to perform the day to day tasks of your business ensures that your customers are served when you are not there, but understanding how productive they are and how well they understand the role in which they take within the business.


How you interact with your customers, and how they interact with your business can have an impact on your valuation.  Do you have loyal customers who keep returning?

To take our valuation questionnaire use the link below or scan the QR code.

Valuation Questionnaire

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